Recepción We interpret our Client Needs
We are prepared to meet and understand our clients’ needs regarding the creation of special components, offering solutions and adapting the plans to specific materials and requirements.
Oficina Técnica We manage all the Stages in the Production Process
Our management system incorporates all the processes involved in the production of components.

Piezas We coordinate a Suppliers Network
A group of specially qualified suppliers allows us to entirely develop each component, subcontracting those services that are not provided in our plant.
Pellacani Our deadlines are strictly observed
On-time delivery of finished components is one of our strongest commitments. To that end, we plan a production system that facilitates the strict adherence to agreed deadlines.
Pellacani We keep a record of all Process Stages
A record of the development of all the steps in each project is thoroughly registered, allowing, where necessary, t racking the materials, suppliers and time involved in each stage.

Rivera Indarte 1859 (5000) Córdoba - Argentina
Tel.: (54) 351-471-3075 - Fax: (54) 351-474 1313