The present PELLACANI S.R.L profile is the result of a continuous recreation process, which started in April 1951 in the City of Cordoba, Argentina. On that date, Edmundo Pellacani, an Italian immigrant, opened a factory aimed at manufacturing components for tractors, lorries and cars.

He undertook the manufacturing of machine tools such as FU4 and FH4P Universal Milling Machines, FV5 Vertical Milling Machine and Universal Grinding Machines. The company adapted itself to the needs of the metallurgical and mechanical industry, manufacturing components for trains and the aerospace industry. Afterwards, it specialized in the manufacturing of components upon request.

Today, Edmundo (Jr) and Guillermo Pellacani, the sons of that enterprising immigrant, maintain their father’s mark, recreating a company that grows and projects itself towards the international market with energy and creativity, manufacturing mechanized sets and components for the metallurgical and mechanical industry.

Rivera Indarte 1859 (5000) Córdoba - Argentina
Tel.: (54) 351-471-3075 - Fax: (54) 351-474 1313